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The Raggles: An Irish Band’s Journey Through Music and Friendship

Before heading to Norway in November for their first tour since COVID-19, local band The Raggles will play locally around West Somerset!

Come and join them for a set of original songs combined with a selection of Irish folk songs and bouncy reels and jigs! The bar will be open.

Fri 27 October 2023, 7pm

Tickets £12 – Pay at the door (cash only)



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In the vibrant world of Irish music, few bands carry the same heartfelt melodies and enduring friendships as “The Raggles.” Formed in 1993 on the sunny shores of Mallorca, Spain, this band’s story is one of passion, camaraderie, and the indomitable spirit of music.

A Musical Odyssey Begins

The year was 1993 when “The Raggles” first came to life. Nestled in the scenic beauty of Mallorca, this trio of talented musicians decided to embark on a journey that would take them to the far reaches of the globe. Comprising Irish members, their sound was a fusion of traditional Irish folk with a modern twist, making them stand out in the music scene.

From Local Gigs to International Tours

The Raggles’ music resonated with audiences far and wide, and over the years, they toured extensively across the UK, the US, Dubai, Spain, and Scandinavia, with a special connection to Norway. Their infectious tunes and lively performances left audiences captivated, and their reputation continued to grow.

A Trio of Resilience

While the band started as a quartet, they now play as a dedicated three-piece ensemble. Through the years, they have adapted and evolved their sound, proving that even with fewer members, their music remains as vibrant and engaging as ever.

Resilience During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a halt to live performances worldwide, and “The Raggles” were no exception. However, their passion for music endured, and they eagerly awaited the opportunity to take the stage once again.

A Tribute to Friendship and Legacy

One remarkable chapter in “The Raggles'” journey is their connection with the legendary Dubliners. The band had the privilege of sharing the stage with this iconic group in Floro. Their bond was further solidified by their close friendship with the late Barney McKenna, a beloved member of the Dubliners.

In honor of Barney McKenna’s memory, “The Raggles” composed a touching tribute song titled “Banjo Barney.” This heartfelt composition will be a part of their repertoire during their upcoming tour, bringing Barney’s spirit alive through their music.

Spread Across the Globe

While “The Raggles” may have started their musical journey together in Mallorca, life has led each member to different corners of the world. Despite the geographical distances that separate them, their music and friendship remain as strong as ever.

A Promising Return to the Stage

As the world slowly recovers from the pandemic, “The Raggles” are set to embark on their first tour since COVID-19 disrupted the music industry. Fans and newcomers alike can anticipate a blend of rich Irish melodies, heartfelt tunes, and the undeniable camaraderie that defines this remarkable band.

“The Raggles” are not just a band; they are a testament to the enduring power of music and friendship. From their humble beginnings in Mallorca to international stages and their heartfelt tribute to Barney McKenna, their journey is a testament to the love of music and the unbreakable bonds it forges. As they prepare to grace the stage once more, their music continues to be a beacon of hope, joy, and unity for all who hear it.

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